Elected Officials

Chris Markiewicz, City Councilor (Ward 4)
Emily Norton, City Councilor (Ward 2)
John Oliver, City Councilor (Ward 1)
Julia Malakie, City Councilor (Ward 3)
Marc Laredo, City Councilor (Ward 7)
Pam Wright, City Councilor (Ward 3)
Tarik Lucas, City Councilor (Ward 2)
Amy Mah Sangiolo, Former City Councilor (Ward 4), Candidate for Mayor
Dick Blazar, Former City Councilor (Ward 6)
George Mansfield, Former City Councilor (Ward 6)
Jay Harney, Former City Councilor (Ward 4)
John Stewart, Former City Councilor (Ward 4)
Ken Parker, Former City Councilor (Ward 6)
Paul Coletti, Former City Councilor (Ward 5)

Amanda Theunissen, NHNAC, Councilor
Amy Wayne, NHNAC, Councilor
Barbara Darnell, NHNAC, Vice President
Bob Burke, NHNAC, Councilor
Groot Gregory, NHNAC, Treasurer
Larry Rosenberg, NHNAC, Councilor
Nathaniel Lichtin, Newton Highlands Neighborhood Area Council (NHNAC), President
Srdjan Nedeljkovic, NHNAC, Secretary

Carolyn Jacoby Gabbay, NNAC, Secretary
Dana D’Agostino, NNAC, Treasurer
Kartikey Trivedi, NNAC, Vice President
Peter Bruce, Newtonville Neighborhood Area Council (NNAC), President
Susan Reisler, NNAC, Councilor

Anil Adyanthaya, Newton Upper Falls Neighborhood Area Council (NUFNAC), President
Jack Neville, NUFNAC, Councilor
Jay Werb, NUFNAC, Councilor
Jeff Riklin, NUFNAC, Vice President
Nina Kochs, NUFNAC, Councilor
Susan Huffman, NUFNAC, Treasurer

Chris Pitts, Waban Neighborhood Area Council (WNAC), President
Dinah Bodkin, WNAC, Secretary
Isabelle Albeck, WNAC, Treasurer
Megan Meirav, WNAC, Councilor

Community Leaders

Carolyn Kraft, Friends of Kennard Park
Joan McGrath, Newton Ward 4 Democratic Party, Vice Chair
John Mordes, Friends of Hemlock Gorge, President
Martina Jackson, MA Democratic Party, Member; Newtonville Area Council, Councilor
Pamela Burton, Village of Oak Hill Neighborhood Newsletter, Founder


Agnes Olshansky
Alan Cody
Alan Kovacs
Alfreda Piecuch
Amalie Brown
Amanda Michel
Amanda Stauffer
Andrea Tishman
Ann Rosenberg
Annette Seaward
April Nannucci
Barbara Brustowicz
Barbara Epstein
Barbara Smiley
Bill Roesner
Bob Kavanagh
Brad Michel
Brenda Loew
Bryan Gary
Carol Clarke
Carol Summers
Carole Kavanagh
Chris Bould
Dan Forman
David Lewis
David Patterson
Deb Karl
Debra Berenbaum
Debra Salloway
Dennis Maguire
Diane Brophy
Diane Pruente
Diane Sanborn
Dick Lockwood
Diomid Bashkinov
Drake McCabe
Ellen Fitzpatrick
Ellen Katz
Ellen Weinberger
Evan Weststrate
Eve Bould
Fred Arnstein
Geralyn Coticone
Howard Rosenof
Jack Prior
Jane Rosenof
Janet Sterman
Jennifer Bentley
Jim Pacheco
Jo Forman
John Houston-Read
John Koot
John Mordes
Joseph Albeck
Judy Mannix


Judy Neville
Julie Irish
Justin Traxler
Karen Day
Karen Sherman
Katherine Kotik
Kathleen Kouril Grieser
Kathy Houston-Read
Laura Foote
Lauren Comando
Lisa Gordon
Lisa Li
Lynne LeBlanc
Mark Friedman
Mary Lee Belleville
Matt Day
Matt Lai
Megan Meirav
Monica Crowley
Nancy D. Morrison
Nancy Honig
Natasha Staller
Nelson Lipshutz
Nick Lararis
Nobuhiko Hata
Patrice Weststrate
Patricia Riggin
Paul Crowley
Paulette Balin
Peter Dimond
Peter Kalil
Peter Nannucci
Peter Simon
Qingli Jiang
Randy Block
Ravi Pappu
Rich Paisner
Rosa Lockwood
Sachiko Isihara
Sande Young
Sarah Wilcox
Sharon Sasanow
Simon French
Solomon A. Gabbay
Stephen Farrell
Sumukh Tendulkar
Susan Waldman
Suzanne Kalil
Terri Noyes
Terry Williams
Timothy Grieser
Udi Meirav
Wendy Plesniak
Wendy Vaulton

Rena Getz with Amy Sangiolo and Lisle Baker at unveiling of plaque honoring the late Brian Yates
Yesterday, Sunday, October 3rd was the unveiling of Brian Yates plaque in Pettee Square, Newton Upper Falls. A beautiful day to celebrate a man that gave so much to Newton. Brian will forever live on through the work he accomplished. And what makes me joyful is knowing that Brian gave his best to Newton unconditionally in his own truthful, fearless, scholarly, whimsical, and glorious way. Descansa En Dios - Rest in peace with God
Rena Getz and Tarik Lucas
Rena and Councilor Lucas at Elizabeth Warren Meet & Greet Saturday, September 25th
Rena Getz at Hispanic Promise Event
Hispanic Promise Event, September 23, 2021. Wonderful evening of networking with the Latinos of the greater Boston Hispanic community at the Hispanic Star Boston inaugural event held at Doña Habana Restaurant. This event was a kickoff event for the celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, occurring every year from Sept 15th – Oct 15th

The Hispanic PromiseThe Hispanic Promise is the first-of-its-kind national pledge to prepare, hire, promote, retain and celebrate Hispanics in the workplace.” Launched at the World Economic Forum in 2019, the Hispanic Promise is a call to action for companies and organizations across the U.S. to create more inclusive environments for Hispanics.

Community Eats
Community Eats Dinner, August 25, 2021. What a wonderful summer evening in August! Rena and her husband Paul Geltman broke bread (actually pita) with old and newly made friends at the table they sponsored for a community table at the Community Eats event. What a wonderful outpouring of community support for increasing community awareness of food insecurity in Newton at this inaugural event held on August 25, 2021
Artful Piano Project Piano Pal - Waban Library, 1608 Beacon St.- Summer 2021. "Sleepless Hyakume (100 Eyes)" by Marin Murakoshi This glorious piano was out in front of the Waban Library for the summer months of August and September. It was wonderful to hear spontaneous playing all summer long. The piano found a permanent indoor home along with 3 other Newton pianos at the Merrimack Valley Rapid Transit Authority Train station in Lawrence. What good news!