“I’ve known Rena for many years, principally through our close association with former City Councilor Brian Yates. Rena will bring both a strong village voice and her equally strong citywide experiences to the City Council. She would come into office with her own deep institutional knowledge. This is a unique and potent combination of skills that makes her well qualified and will serve the City in good stead.”

Bob Burke
Newton Highlands

Chris Pitts Supports Rena Getz

“I have become good friends with Rena over the years and have served alongside her as a Waban Area Councilor for the past eight. I’ve also spent countless hours with her digging down into issues we care about that directly impact Waban and Newton citizens.

Rena knows more about development, zoning laws, historic preservation, open space, the environment, city finances and our local government than most people in Newton, and that includes many currently on the city council.

I know I can depend on her to cast her votes to keep our villages safe and healthy, as she has the same priorities and principles as her mentor, the late Councilor Brian Yates.”

Christopher Pitts

John Mortes supports Rena Getz

“It was my great pleasure to get to know Rena while working with her on Brian Yates’ re-election campaigns. I know that Rena holds the same ‘village values’ that Brian did and actively supports one of his most valued community efforts, the preservation of Hemlock Gorge park. Her knowledge and activism are coupled to reason, realism, and compassion. I know I can depend on her to cast her votes to keep our villages and parklands safe, verdant, and welcoming.”

John Mordes

Judy Malone and Jack Neville support Rena Getz for Ward 5 Councilor

“We know Rena from her work with our beloved former Ward 5 Councilor Brian Yates and we have full confidence Rena will uphold Brian’s priorities and values for all of our Villages. We fully support Rena’s candidacy for our next Councilor At-Large from Ward 5.”

Judy Malone and Jack Neville
Upper Falls

Srdj Nedeljkovic

“I support Rena Getz for City Council because she is a strong advocate for housing and transportation equity, environmental stewardship, and keeping Newton the beautiful city that it is. Rena will respect the viewpoints of her constituents and is well suited to represent all of us as we tackle the challenges that face Newton. As a long-serving Neighborhood Area Councilor, I appreciate Rena’s abilities to express the viewpoints of her constituents and develop sound recommendations. Whether you’re a long time Newton resident, a family with kids in the Newton schools, or a young person just getting to know our City, Rena Getz will be YOUR City Councilor!”

Srdj Nedeljkovic
Newton Highlands

“I have known Rena as a fellow Ward 5 Neighborhood Area Councilor – she has always been a strong advocate for the residents of Newton. Rena is compassionate, smart and always wanting to learn from those around her.

With her strong interest in improving the lives of everyday citizens, from the young to the old, Rena will prioritize upgrading parks and fields for our youth and opportunities and outreach for our seniors.

I have full confidence as our next At Large City Councilor from Ward 5, Rena will vote with full consideration of the best interest of her community.”

Julie Irish
Upper Falls

Matt Lai testimonial in support Rena Getz

“Rena Getz embodies what a City Councilor’s priority should be: a tireless fighter for the constituents they were elected to represent, not the next office. Her leadership on zoning, transit, the environment, and fiscal responsibility is exactly what the city of Newton needs. Rena is extremely approachable, down to Earth, very knowledgeable in all matters Newton, and has proven over time to be a voice and friend of the City and its Villages.”

Matt Lai
Upper Falls